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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 4th August 2013
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How can you find out if your water pipe in the garden has a leak?
What I mean is the water meter and connected, it is the line that goes to the garden of the water meter in your home. This line is underground. How do I find a leak in the line there. I do not know in which direction the pipe runs know. Is there a way to do this or do I have to dig up every inch of the garden to find 5 feet or so deep Best Answer (s):

Reply by MARK
the water to your house comes out of the water meter. That means your water service. If there is no obviouse wet spot in front of your home anywhere after you sure all turned inside to make your home the water is a good way to look at your water meter. Remove the cover from the water meter box, you look into the meter inside’ll see. At the beginning of the counter is a cover. Open that you and your meter to see. See if the needle moves. It could also be a little (mostly) red, little triangular thing in it. If there is one, to see if it turns. If it is, or when the large needle moves, if yes, it means that somewhere there is water running. and you may have a leak in the service line. Otherwise, it could also be your toilet is leaking or runs. If you are off the water and have you look at these meters if the needle does not move, you do not have a leak somewhere. Look closely and watch the meter for a while, because it can move very slowley.

reply by RAY E
ok about the only way you will know if there is a auslaufenist or not, make sure to do everything in your home is komplettabgeschaltet, all faucets , make sure the toilet is not leaking after ergespült. no taps dripping nothing on at all. then look at your meter and see if the last wheel rotates when it is then you have einLeck somewhere. most of the time when the derHaus leak between the meter and there is a place in the soggy soil seinoder a slight depression or low area in the ground. call your local water company should service man helping or will decide whether you have a leak. everything from inside your Hausesan the meter is your side of the service and your Verantwortungund from the meter to the water main is her. but it should still help you where the leak is, if you have one.

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