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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 3rd August 2013

I have a hot water circ system if I only use cold water outside of your home, feels hot, that’s what the problem
Even inside the house, the water feels very warm to the touch when the cold water taps open and running for a while. On the outside of the house, the water feels very warm, even after running it for a long time. Is this how the system works or I have a problem. I think I’m tired of wasting so much energy and ask if there workaround for this and who is the best person to call for repair. Thank you, I appreciate your time and support Best Answer (s):.

Reply by Robert K
I suspect that the hot water feeging again some how. You also need a regulator backfloe some of these are

reply by leo s
it sounds like your main water line passed thru ur boiler must call this right plummer

Reply fireman492000 make
Is not Summer, where are you? If you are on a community water system, many tanks are mounted on towers up to add more pressure on the system, so that the sun heats the “cold” water very much. Also heats water in lakes the same. (It can be as much as a 35 degree difference between summer and winter) It’s probably nothing wrong with your home plumbing. I’m sure the winter comes so cold water is not mentioned in your cold water Linien.JD **

Reply pinspeed1
Here are a few scenarios: 1) the recirc line to close to close to the cold or wrapped tightly in the same area. the cold water is “line” erhitzt.2) you can create a cross connection occur anywhere. maybe at a Moen faucet or valve or the washing machine?, or, as already mentioned, it is summer, and it may be normal for this time of year. wait until winter to see if it changes.

Answer by Robert F
Some systems are plumbed so that it can pull water back from the heated water supply. A check valve or check valve should be at the point where the cold water to help in the hot water system. What it does is something siphioning heated water back into the water cycle. Try this experiment. Take 2 cups, glasses or intestine. one with colored water and the other with clean water put a tube in the two and leave overnight, the clear water is colored.

Reply by Steve G get
It should be check valve, passes just before the recirc the water heater. They do not last forever, and it is the most likely cause.

Reply dartiator63
If you have Single handle faucets in your shower or sink, they can and allows the hot water to feed back into the cold water pipes. I worked on a condo that divided the water and we found that a faucet in the vacant unit in the wrong war.Das best thing to do is to map the flow of your water. It will come out in your supply into the house, usually from the meter or good. It should be cold at this point if it is not then the problem (very unlikely) your water is Wasserversorgung.Das branch with a supply, the most outstanding work in your bodies is water heating.Guests way they measure the water temperature the hot side and back feed the water in the cold when it falls below the set Temperatur.Also your current unit could be either too high or not close the return and constantly flooding the cold side with hot water verursacht.Wenn this problem, you can unplug the power cord from the refrigerator and see if the water did not cool off after a bisschen.Wenn it is hot, you need to turn off the hot side of faucets one at a time and see if that keeps the Problem.Als last refuge is possiable that somehow the water lines are crossed somewhere. this in turn goes from the water supply to the water heater check in and check all faucets. If any of them do not have water on the hot side then they are not plumbed correctly. If the cold side faucets not have water, then they are at fault. If you have a problem on both sides of the same faucet then the supply lines are only rückwärtsLuck

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