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I have to run down a power loss in my home, I have a handy man in my house, no luck, where I read more
The power dissipation exists in 3 sockets with 2 lights, we have checked the breakers, sockets and lights / fans. The switch is fine, so the outlets are getting no juice. The circuit is somehwere I just can not find where broken. My next step will be to empty the attic and remove the plywood that has been their (ouch) and down wires for 9 years. I’ve never known anyone in my house for repairs, I have fixed many a problem. I called in a handy-man, and he was not the problem. He checked the voltage and none of the outlets where getting any juice he confirmed my fears. The GFCI that are good. My house alarm fine checked. I have an animal in my attic and that was 2 years ago, we have traps in the attic and now closed, as they got in. Any help is appreciated Best Answer (s):.

Reply by Brad you can
signal generators at Home Depot, etc., to get connected to a line, and another part of the device detects the signal on the line. It will only be a process of elimination … no easy way out. Sounds like a little beasty chewed a wire.

Reply insane_mad_maniak
you should check the fuses in the main box.

have Reply notsohardtofigure
WHEN A VOLT METER and know how to use it, check and see if you HAVE CONTINUITY, this well say, if you are in a break have a WIRE, if not, you can find ALL YOUR’S AND JUNCTION prices before TRACKING WIRES.

response of characters START
There should be no shortcuts in cable outside of the boxes should sein.Die outlets should werden.Sie of braids connected to the main wires in wire nuts in the sockets determine how many circuits are likely to be affected and to check what sockets are still active. Then switch priced and open any junction box and check that the wires are connected properly. If they have been chained with the outlets check the wires down, tightened and that there is a good connection between the two screws. Wire nuts should only be checked for leaks. If something seems loose or HOT remove the connection and repeat es.Dies can take a very long time, but is the only way I know without a signal tracer. This is a device that you plug into an electrical outlet and a magic wand to the wire to track the signal. With it, you can see if the signal ends in a Wand.Es can help if something happens in the time you notice the loss.

Reply fordman
From what you have said, it sounds like a broken wire can either remember or it was pulled from the connection. I assume that the 3 sockets and 2 lights are all on the same circuit? If so, then you will just have to trace back from the defective AC outlet to the switch or to an electrical outlet that works, then you will know where the problem is. Happiness.

Reply brndnh721
plugs should check again pull them out and look at the connections when they are backed stabbed in the outlets repeat the connections as they are on the coil wired on the outputs. Be sure to check the outlets that work in this area, because the feed can be in be in order, but the food can not be out. Backing stabbing of outlets is a common problem of power loss. Check connectors in Switcheswenn a continuity tester to check neutral ground when it rings, you have a break in the hot wire if you do not have a total break

response of oldtimer
if all else fails and you know the circuit breaker that controls them, you could try new lines. can not offer more than what is already stated above.

Reply Roeb
Get a signal generator, many are less than $ 50.00 now. Also get yourself a volt ohm meter. Turn the main switch on the panel. With the volt ohm meter to ohms X 1 or the lowest scale on ohms. Put a lead on the white wire and the other lead to the ground wire (bare wire) you should read less than 50 ohms (more like 3 or 4 ohms). If you are reading this, that your neutral (white) is good in the panel. Now mount the signal generator to the black wire in one of the vessels problem. Listen with the detection device with the loudest sound and follow routing of the cable until you can no longer find. I once had a problem like this and found a link in a blanket that someone had made and not with a connection box. One of wire connectors had come loose. Want to bet you will find a bad wire connection (probably in one of the ceiling), but if you had stated that should a competent craftsman.

reply by Rick J sound like a broken wire some where between the circuit breaker and the first light or leave Or maybe a wire nut to come off at the first intersection. Try a continuity between the circuit breaker and the first crossing. Use a long wire that you know is good.

Reply by Bill S
could possibly be a bad power switch, replace the switch with a different temporarily and see if you get power, if so, then just replace the switch. You have go bad from time to time, especially if it does not solve the problem überhitzt.Wenn the above, try the outlets in question with a multimeter the Touch black / white wire to the black / red wire from the multimeter and see if you would power to bekommen.Ich not think that your electrical cable is bad, unless maybe a picture or something hanging lately and accidentally drove a nail or screw through the cable.

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