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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 12th July 2013

How much it would cost, to fix a busted pipe?
I have a house with two stories and a bathroom in my kitchen. I have lights in the ceiling built and begun during a bath water leaking of the ceiling in the first floor by the light. Well, since the leakage it has stopped a large water-ring around the light and a smaller water stains round the whole blanket. ! AID Best Answer (s):

answer of conrad
you have, in order you have the leak, the probably in the vicinity of the handles, so that you take, something from the wall in the bathroom, simply, if his find drywall. Then simply back drying conditions wall of the kitchen Fleck, if you think ya ya have also, what is also simply, when the dry wall. You have to avoid the leak as quickly as possible, you can shocked, do not get so bad, but always still to fix. It depends on, how bad is the plumbing. It could be cut and to fix pipes, cheap, or replace you the H / C mechanism, the piece is 150, plumber will be charging 2-3 + the 150 and not your drywall, they suck. I would do the drywall, adhesive tape and color for a few hundi. It really depends. A handy man can dry wall and adhesive tape. One could actually do it. If I was it right now I would the wall cut and figure out, your plumbing-problem first.

answer of beer becomes warm coffee cold
plumber they calculate with the severity / necessity speak I /’m at the bar / I will go and fix it today “-Verhältnis.Im general, are they wait until it bubbles out of the ceiling and by the time, they terminate her last Bier.Jetzt can they to appreciate it, and by the time the paperwork is done in triplicate and you have signed your life away … they be to measure and say, she needs to go back to the store for a piece that they have not to do with them .. mountains for 2 days later back (something over a flat or DUI or trade union strike). I would say, to avoid Baden for a few days and it should not cause you a problem. With the time it is is actually fixed, you be to throw in a bonus “, only to they get out of the house”

answer of robert
needs Unfortunately about the leak! someone, to find the leak, the is no easy task, then you will an estimate from a plumber which also include the cost of fixing, what wall phase in be demolished to get at the leak, and then reprinting, depending of of the size of the leak the prices can very. If you to go about a plumber, you should ask, whether they can do relining. Depending according to your financial-or housing situation , it could be a viable way to more http://www.restoremypipes.com/about/faqs

answer go of Danny be
Hello, LucySue. Hard to, without to know where the water comes from say Begin by a careful look around above, and the hard position, which was with the bathtub -. playful children can to get water about the whole square, try the shower without Close of the curtain / door, play “Frog man” with big waves in the tub, etc., which may a lot water on the floor, that can work its way eingeschläfert.Downstairs, I would seriously consider a hole in the blanket looking straight large enough to have a glance with a flashlight, since some ceiling repairs good can anyway are needed. During the observation, can with someone try one thing at a time on the upper floor show the source of the leak. I am it is suspecting an outflow pipe, the larger about the size of the cardboard roll in a role Paper towels, particular in the vicinity the front of the tub, where it flows. There are a number of compounds gives. If by a happy coincidence, you have a closet or other accessible area on the other side of the wall on the upper floor behind the tub, that’s, could be where to get at a repair. Otherwise, some ceiling would must opened up finalization.Once you finalize pretty sure you have the source are found, you will better to decide in a position, what to do is. I would DIY it, several hours and maybe $ 75 in materials. guessing a professional would want a few hundred dollars more.

answer of Alex you should in any case consult you a plumbing service in your vicinity. It is not at so unusual that leaks such as these have, although they should be taken care of as soon as possible. The longer you wait, to deal with it, the more issued more damage and more money to to repair it. Last leak I had I “A Better plumbing service” although I north of Atlanta, the help You can not much (link in the source) leben.Trotzdem should call you plumbing services in your area and try, any . to receive kind of estimate Although, until someone actually out comes in and sees your specific case there is no way to say how much it will cost, to fix it / repair Schäden.Best of Luck: P

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