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Can I hard wire a lamp intended to be set?
I have a wall mounted reading lamp that has a two prong plug for a 110 volt outlet. I want to cut off the plug and run the wire behind the wall and wire it to either an outlet or a wall outlet. Can I do this? More info: It is a halogen lamp with a built-in switch / dimmer Best Answer (s):.

Answer by John D
it can be done, but would not be up to code

Reply by TJ
Sure, if You may be required to be adapted to local building codes for the wiring behind the walls, but it runs with the same performance.

answer by Jewel
Ja.Schneiden you simply plug the wire back to about 4 “lang.Dann run a wire, the voltage capacity of the wall, for they so that about 4-6 “of wire for handling and connecting. You can go to a local Home Depot and they can tell you what the voltage of the wire must, unless you are experienced and know what you are brauchen.Dann connect it to a switch by using a different line on the area on the wall where you are placing the switch. Let others 4-6 “ow wire for handling and connecting you Zwecke.Achten on your wall holes for the light switch and before you cut the wire, as you see below into the wall and the light passing through the hole in the wall must as a leader, IF you are feeding the wire through the attic. Otherwise, if you want to remove the paneling or drywall, is your preference. Yet this would be to do a lot more expensive since you have sheetrock replace o. If it is covering it should be easy, but do you should not have to replace it if you do not break the casing during removal. Sheetrock is far more can shatter and is easier ruiniert.Ich hope this has helped. You can choose a standard toggle switch or dimmer for diese.HAFTUNGSAUSSCHLUSS: Be careful when dealing with electrical lines, people die or are injured each day of inproper handling and electrical work with inexpreience BE Disconnect electric currents to the room before. you try to operate any electrical work. gloves, and tools with a rubber or wooden handle, metal tools electric currents are treated translated into the body and you can ask schaden.AUCH … Call your local electric provider and whether you can do it and whether it would be possible to code. If you live in a rural or out of town, how I live, you can do whatever you like in your home. Yet in major cities and such, they very KNITTING codes need for wiring, plumbing, building, and or home repair.

answer by Hank
stick It can certainly be done. In order for the work to code met, the device must either wire the juction box or enter device outlet box by a properly bushed hole If you have PVC boxes, which is a good deal coonecting the smaller stranded wire attachment to the firm, 14 -.!, or 12-gauge wire you find in the boxes is difficult., it is a job eaiser if you strip the wire device and “tin” the naked stripper with rosin core solder. The result will be much better in a wire nut.

Reply backyard_tire_biter
If you cut off the plug and run the rest of the cables behind the wall, you violate the National Electric Code. furniture wire is not allowed to run in the walls will. This also applies to any kind of extension cord. And there is plenty to do for the change of a UL-listed device to be said .. Consider this … you in bed with a night .. half asleep .. The device suddenly spits Spark … How can you disconnect it from the source? U can not pull it, because you have already cut off plug manufacturer .. Wanna hold your hand in a sparking holder to turn the switch? Not a good idea either .. Have your machine as is, leave it connected to the intake because it UL listed, is said to be ..

reply by Evan B
To the best of To my knowledge, yes, it can be done. Yet have said like other answerers, it probably would not be up to code. This is due to the grounding issues, and potential electrical hazards. Nor is prohibited, with the main energy sources in your home, without appropriate licensing work, depending on the configuration of power at home, and the environment. “Your church can all building codes used in the United States with a code other than the IBC, however, contain similar verbiage. For example, the Uniform Building Code states that “no building or structure regulated by this code are erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished unless a separate permit for each building or “Entering the structure has first been obtained from the building official. exceptions in the code does not exceed 120 square feet in area, unless, electrical, plumbing or mechanical work. “Www.Doityourself.comIch personally am not in favor of working on cabling in your home. I recommend hiring someone with an electrical license and Erfahrung.Das is the best method I can think of offhand is the light wire as standard Wall light. Instead of cutting the wire near the plug, you would need to cut the wire in the lamp and run an isolated, preferably well grounded use wire to a power outlet and that power, as a junction box is much more dangerous, with too arbeiten.Meine personal opinion but to leave the situation as it is, or hire someone, just add / modify a real wall Licht.Alternativ, if only for that ugly from dangling cables to stick to the wall , you could cover to invest in a wall cord, as that “covers Cord” in homedecorators.com. looking for and you should find something suitable to finden.Für the record I’m an auto mechanic, general-purpose craftsman, former professional maintainence staff but usually only one Automechaniker.Und if you read through all this, and still found the message to be no help, go here for more information on how to do it. http://boards.hgtv.com/eve / forums/a/tpc/f/5534079532/m/1841053803

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