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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 6th July 2013

Does anyone know the temperature of the oil at the leak site itself?
Has the temperature of the escaping oil was measured and from what depth will it come or the depth of the well? Also, how much pressure psi? Also, the diameter of the tube, from which it emerges Thanks oldtimer from another classic car. The best answer (s):

response of oldtimer
I doubt very much that they in the oil flow but have a temperature sensor, the water, there are close to 32 F. The oil in the formation (18500) in the vicinity of 160-170 F, but there is something cool on the way out. I would suspect the oil in the neighborhood of 140-150 F at the mouth of the tube sein.Druck: Just a guess, but in reading about the mud, it seems that the weight in the range of 11.5 lbs / gal what would equate approximately 11,000 psi at 18500 ‘was. For me, this means the formation of a certain amount of less than 11,000. The hole / pipe size is within the track and any extension would change the pressure to verringern.An the site of the leak, on top of the BOP, the tube 20. “We really do not know the diameter or cross-sectional area at the entry, as we do not know where it gets into the Bohrloch.Es are just a whole lot of unknowns here that will never be definitively established kann.Ich not find any service on the BP response when you ask them the question might directly, but the Link is below, if you have to look around for the info wollte.Update: According to another website BP says 30,000 psi of pressure, and the pipe 10.5 “housing!.

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