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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 26th June 2013
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How can you fix a pinhole leak in a copper pipe?
My blanket down because of a pin hole leak in the piping system. What is the best way to seal it Best Answer (s):

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any hardware store will sell an epoxy sealer that is specifically designed for copper pipe leaks. They also carry a rubber sheath that clips on the leak. (This method is much easier and more efficient.), However, is not the ideal solution. Cut out the section of the line should the leak and a new length of pipe to use repair couplings are soldered. (After the water is turned off and drained the tube, of course) The other thing to think about, how did the leak can passieren.Oft older pipes that are leaking with “hard” water korrodierenbis to the houses. It would not hurt to call a plumber.

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Depending on what it is, you can either buy these rubber bands have the clamps and pulling them to stop the leak around the hole, or you could also drain the water out of the line, cut, little piece, and sweat a new clutch in the part you just cut apart. If you do not know how to get into a suitable solder, I would go to the hardware store and ask for a repair coupling, I know they make them.

Reply vtlovie
cut the pipe at both ends of the pin hole and add a new piece of pipe. You can have two fittings on each end to use with plumbers tape or you can solder on the new piece. Be sure to rinse the tube to clean when they directing, run the water through it. Has

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copper pipe must sometimes be spot welded (soldered if you like) with a couple of brass or other metals. Make sure you clean the damaged area and before welding or soldering, so a good finish will not run out again to make. Be very careful, but if it has to be carried out on pipelines for gas or other explosive products. Thank you, Larry

Reply trekkie706
step 1, water cut at whole house. Step 2, find out what size pipe is leaking (1/2 or 3/4 inches usually) go to the hardware or big box store. Buy compression coupling for copper pipe cutter and thumb. make sure water is highest by opening the tap and back outside faucet. with thumb knife to cut pipe pinhole camera, square clamp ring coupling section and tighten. Note: A compression coupling has two nuts, one on each side, 2 Ferrell, one on each side, and coupling body, the nuts tightenng wants to seal pipe

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