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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 25th June 2013

What job skills are most sought if, after which the economy to deteriorate further?
Manufacturing jobs are going overseas … so that seems out.Es seems everyone is a seller these days, that is truly sustainable, every sale, but nobody produce? science? It seems the only organization to hire scientists Regierung.Gibt it is the good jobs that against the economic downturn, that people are immune for retraining? Sure, it might be nice to be a doctor, but most of us can not just go to medical school to retrain Best Answer (s):.

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answer by William
It’s just my opinion, but the craft will never go away. My father told me of it in the 1960s. I have a training in air conditioning. He told me that people need heat in winter and cooling in summer they need. In the last 40 + years, I have always electricians, welders, plus I’m a plumber. I do everything from ice machines septic tanks. I’m semi-retired now and I have several calls a week asking people about things that need to be repaired. Later I have to replace a gas water heater today. I get $ 250.00 for labor. This is my opinion, but when I was younger, I was good money. Plus I love mechanics and getting my hands dirty.

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