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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 22nd June 2013

How do you replace the pipes from a regular sink to a pedestal sink?
I want to keep the plumbing from the vanity sink but I want to show them when I put in the pedestal sink. as I hide the plumbing Best Answer (s):

Reply Bogieaggie
only did this to me and was in the same situation you are. My sanitary has come out of the wall, not the ground. I do not know how yours is. I thought I did not want to show it, but it ended up being so much trouble to persuade him that I do. Simply put shut-off valves on new shiny good looking silver leads and ran to the sink It shows, but I think it actually adds to the sink instead wegnimmt.Ich’m glad I left my shows.

reply by Robbie
Impossible, you have to completely reconfigure the “P” trap, (its the bend in the pipes go into the wall). On a vanity sink you have room to use pipes in any way, because she hides in the closet. While on a pedistal sink, the pipes must be much shorter on behind the pedistal passen.Bis how old your plumbing / house is galvanized steel pipes may be behind the wall and could possibly strip off during the change. best advice is to have a bonded and insured plumber to come and change the tubes.

Reply sensible_man
It would move the pipes in the middle of the base. If you can access the pipes of a basement, it may not be so bad, but still a time consuming process. Mine was, so I built on the back of the bathroom closet (flat one), pulled the plumbing in the closet, and put the sink before him.

response of firework girl
you can actually buy pedestal sink, hide the plumbing. Some have a section on the actual basis.

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