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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 20th June 2013

Has in residental construction a guy more “handy” work as an artisan?
I’m going to be a residental construction worker because I always been fascinated with the building process of homes, and I am a hard worker who likes to be on his feet. I’m not really practical, I do not know how to fix anything if something goes wrong in the house. Is a residental construction worker, (construction), help me to be a craftsman Best Answer (s):

Reply pcbeachrat
This is where artisans become handy .. from learning .. from being on construction sites Won

reply by william v
This type of trade `t necessarily help themselves” handy “, although it is for the contractor you` ll can depend on for work. Residential building contractor sub many of the aspects of the construction IE concrete, plumbing, electrical, ac etc. So you may only obtain tips and general knowledge from other trades. You `ll probably find it a little quicker to possibly a few courses at a vocational school ..

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