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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 18th June 2013

How can I help my jumps sink without a plumber to hire?
So … I was not thinking and trimmed my hair over the sink. Anyway, now it is clogged. What can I do to fix it? Should I pour vinegar on it or something Thanks in advance Best Answer (s):

Reply acres12
Home Depot sells a long piece of plastic with barbs on it put it in the drain and it tears somehow or sawing the stuff ausbillig.

response from Holden McGroin
remove the p-trap (U-shaped piece under the sink) and pull out the blockage. Viola!

Answer by Brian M
you could get under the sink and remove and clean the trap. Most of them are easy to fit together with connectors that can be unscrewed. You can also use a chemical drain cleaner, just be sure to read the directions and follow them exactly. A third option is to get a snake (a wire drain cleaner) and use it. They make them now that are really cheap and quite small.

try Reply deltron0
‘Draino’ or one of them pipe cleaners … they work pretty quickly

Reply by david h
You can either divide the “u” turn and see if you can un clog the pipes or buy some pipe unblocker – many products on the market such as domestoes or mr muscle tube un blocker, you include sodium hydroxide, in the form of a gel and pour the whole bottle down the plug wait 15 to 30 minutes and then with hot water abspülen.Sehr effective and easy to use, but with caution, since they are strong chemicals and are suitable for any kind of pipes.

Reply jethom33545
Under the sink is au shaped “trap”. most have screw on devices with them in place.Unscrew them.Make sure you have something to collect the water . Does your sink have a “pop-up” by a pull-up bar controls?, I would not be too difficult, the mother held him remove.Remove and you can pop up.Once is the use of a length of hangers (remove A flexible metal) to dig out the hairball.So or so wash your hands when done. 🙂

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