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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 15th June 2013

ask to lower rent on a property that they are despertate to hire?
Okay, I found a camper needs some repairs, such as plumbing, new carpet, yard work, painting, refurnish cabinets, redo Bad.Ich knows everything that is needed and how much it cost to rent is on.The 495 $ per month, I would, I can at $ 400-425 per month gefallenWie with it to make it without trying negoiate offer, be my rip or it Best Answer (s):

Reply nojam75
There is no harm in question. Do not rib him about kümmern.Mobilheime are usually undesirable apartments, the owner may be willing to negotiate. Worse case, he does not say.

response from Landlord
He is still paying the Hypothek.Wenn you want to negotiate that you stick with it higher then the market will have to admit (he will know is it go vacant months, if too high). I would not start with the list of things you want to renovate it for you. Remodeling usually means RAISED rent is not reduced.

Reply RotcehZepol
you should always look for the “Best Price … Best Product” if the rental. Why would you rent something that takes so much work? The landlord is the one who is responsible for the repair.

response from neighbor
experiments, the landlord if he will lower the rent if you some of the work (working only with the landlord providing materials). Make sure you take the hours to want to complete the job at a reasonable hourly rate to find out. So you have lower rent and the property is to be fixed also. Win -. Win situation

Reply heyteach
They say they are desperate to rent, so make a Gegenangebot.Sie ​​can also say you want to fix things – you want it to do or is the landlord to pay for it? If he agrees, it should be done, you are practically? Maybe you can agree to make improvements for the lower x amount of rent – you’ll need that to hämmern.Selbst if you are paying him in writing that sounds less than he wants it beats no income and when the property improved as a reasonable trade-off.

Reply starshyne59 boot
There is no harm in question. Some landlords have learned their rents start up, so that they haben.Mit room to negotiate all the repairs that are needed, it sounds like your character is probably within reason.

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