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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 14th June 2013
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Is Joe the Plumber become a book much earlier, when George W.? to get
Someone mentioned Joe the Plumber always a book to a conclusion yet he finden.Hat As for George W., I heard he wants to get a book deal for his memoirs and so far is not a major publisher interessiert.Ich think he thinks he can make a cool, fast, 15 million or do as Bill Clinton did, but maybe a former Rhodes Scholar is an interesting writer as a person who graduated near the bottom of his class. best answer (s) :

response from holyoke
yes, a C student with an MBA. I can well imagine.

answer by JL
I hope Joe the Plumber gets a movie where he shoot with some water plumbing superhero fingers. Madness!

Reply krollohare2
Sounds good to me. Everyone has a book in them, with the exception of George Bush.

reply ..
Nr.Dies is the first “Joe the Plumber” question I’ve seen in a while. Thanks a lot, Cecil!

make Reply think_global
As you can see a small fortune as an author? Start with a large fortune! Just because you write a book, does not mean any kind of real money. By the time you pay all involved in the project, the author is lucky to receive $ 0.25 to $ 1.00 royalty for each book sold. Most books sell less than 5,000 copies! Not a big money machine. Big book deals from publishers are few and far between. The publisher has to believe that there is a reason to believe that the book sell millions. That’s when she offers in advance to machen.Also you tell me the big bucks, how many of your friends (including you) think you want to fork over $ 19.95 for a book written by Joe the Plumber to read? Or George W. Bush for that matter, having lived with his ideas for the last eight years. That’s why the publishers are telling him wait 30 years or so, to write his memoirs … so that the public has time for themselves and it is a history book!

Reply wigginsray
Nah, I think Joe on his 14th Minute his 15 minutes of fame.

reply by Zach
Joe the Plumber is now working on a book deal. Geroge W. Bush has said that he plans to write a book, but do not plan for another 5 years. No major publisher is interested because a book is in the works at the moment. If President Bush prepared to write a book, he will have no trouble finding a publisher.

Reply 8 *** L
I thought that “Joe the Freeloader” would get the book deal first, as he writes Bill Clinton they could for ihn.Sie both make a cool 10 million and I would have to feed a few parasites.

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