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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 3rd June 2013
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Can / fruit matter in 3’x3 ‘Rubbermaid container for 6 months sealed vegetables still be used for a compost pile?
Had collected all organic scraps, with the exception of animal substances, and were stored since June til the new year in anticipation of the creation of an organic garden this year. Unfortunately, many home repairs delayed this effort (new roof, etc.). We have created our compost bin, but are not sure if we can add the stored material because they did not have air circulation. Please let us know if it’s feasible Best Answer (s):.

Reply by Justin
It should be fine. It is still to rot, you only have delayed it by sealing it.

Reply Gungnir
Sure, no problem.

Reply by Geri H
Sure, it’s probably all ready decomposing!

Reply o0_ithilwen_0o
you can not slow decomposition of organic matter by keeping sealed. It will probably breathe a moldy festering pile of mud by now, that’s not good for Kompost.Kompost needs and stirred to keep enough moisture to inhibit mold. I would be surprised if you could not open it from the smell of the container.

Reply wasabi_luvva
Sure! It’s already started a decomposition method (although of a different kind, than you will find in your standard compost pile). Should stinky, sure, but that does not mean it will hurt your bunch. So make sure that you mix it with plenty of non-smelly stuff.

Reply sunnyb_4
Biomaterials can be used in your compost. It dosn’t `t even care if it has mold on it. Best of luck.

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