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If I non-related intellectual property, around my working while on the clock works my employer legally possess it? to create
I work as a receptionist at a plumbing company in CA. If I and you draw to create comicbook characters between answering calls while on the clock, then my employers legal ownership would be at have said hypothetical creations Best Answer (s):?

answer of falsi fiable
you on Ja.Erstellen you IP on your own time.

answer of Pascal Up of the Gambler
you to Yes. He can also They fire.

answer of PlanB
Interestingly manner yes. Be used I in order to work for a radio station, a kind of the freelancing, everything, what I has done for them into terms of MANUFACTURE OF A feature ‘Vox-pops’ or interviewing, then Edit, despite the fact, I did it All, it the dominant team always nor of them! All the reward, which was I ever got, in order it to listening (perhaps) on air …

answer by A Hunch
I doubt, there is a case,, where, because you were on personal stuff during the work time that, the property number the of the company’s geworden.Allerdings you have asked, over and over and you about it please once again is everything, what you can do between the calls? Or Classic asked her what she would like, that you, in order to do between calls? =, If you do not and the people have see you with the work on this, it maybe not to be the best situation for you, to maintain your job.

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