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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 15th May 2013

Is this stick a pipe thread sealant?
I’m trying to install a new sink popout. I know I need to apply putty under the rim. I have pipe thread stick can be used this? Or do I have to run to the hardware store to get extra putty Best Answer (s):

Reply by Dan E
No, they are not the one you gleiche.Holen the putty it is cheap.

Reply sensible_man
you need plumbers putty. The stick is to lubricate the threads on the pipe. I prefer teflon tape on the floor though. Roll. The plumbers putty into a “worm” and lay it on the bottom of the flange and press in place You pull it up and then remove the glue that squished out.

Reply surfdaddy65
sure plumbers putty. It acts like an “O” ring. Pipe thread not be thick enough to make a proper seal. They also do not use a whole lot, as it can be too thick and not seal properly. I usually roll some between the two hands about the size of a dime role.

Reply by Tom-SJ
I do not so.Rohrgewinde stick is a solid material used to seal the gap between the male and female threads of pipes and fittings. They scrape the strings like a Buntstift.Kitt is more like a soft clay material used to fill gaps between porcelain sinks and fittings such as taps, spouts and drains. I think the putty has linseed oil to make it smooth and before Austrocknen.Scoop a bunch of putty, roll it between your hands to make a rope, then form on the sink at the drain location. Install the popout drain, tighten the nut from the bottom and the putty will squeeze out to fill the gap. Wipe excess glue and save it in the pot for another day. Smooth the putty and you’re done.

Reply sparkylump
No, they are not the same! You have to use plumbers putty and it is not so expensive! You will surely be glad to store ran back to it!

reply by jose
KittSie need to use all of pipe dope to silicone, aberSie need putty

Reply poppyman54
NO! They are not the same! Go a little putty!

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