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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 12th May 2013
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How come more homes are not as urinals with standard fixtures? built
Is it attractive as a waste of money or not? I think it would be for the consumption of water and would be very handy to save Best Answer (s):.

answer by carl b
lift the toilet seat and you might as well call it a urinal.

Reply fordman
Expensive, take a seat, and is werden.Es used only by the male members of the family is already a device that can be used by both sexes, so why put in something else?

Reply be_a_lert
There seems to be a combination of both factors. I think it is an additional cost, not a waste of money. There are benefits to werden.Die won more obvious effort comes from the holder and additional plumbing, but it is also a cost factor to the extra space needed in the bathroom. Together they quickly add the additional costs typically save more than $ 1000. Water is an obvious advantage, but it would be a long time to recover the initial costs. Most Americans are not as we should be aware of water probably, the simple fact that the water is stored, is not enough to recover the investment is veranlassen.Der advantage overlooked cleanliness. A urinal tends not to get so messy, especially with younger boys. Easier and clean. I’ve decided my next renovation will include a urinal for this reason, even if there is additional cost.The appearance of a urinal is not easily accepted, in the few projects where I saw a they contain from the rest of the plant, to the cost was added to have sorted out. I think this is less of a problem when they see more widespread use in residential projects.

Reply skip1960
It would save on water. If done correctly, it would not be that unattractive either. I have thought about one for my house as well. Most of the time I just have to.

Reply wanabbetter pee
most likely because they do not visually attractive sind.wäre it makes sense to make in a household with many guys.

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