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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 4th May 2013
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antifrreeze What can cause leak on the floor?
I have a 98 Honda Civic and noticed that under the radiator near the radiator there is a leak. I’ve seen the plug when it and it was tight. Where can the leaks come from Best Answer (s):

Answer by *** You Go Girl ***
It means you have a hole in the radiator ..

answer i eat monkeys
hole in the radiator or a broken pipe somewhere.

reply by Darrell
Yes, a little pin hole leak seems ok until you find something out and the pressure builds forcing himself down the leak to come out of the small hole. Sometimes these coolers are leak products will work for a while until you can get it fixed.

Reply Vegas89
Check if there is a broken hose or the hose clamp might not tightned.

Reply hiran_alwis
Could one of the hoses or the radiator itself to be. Try a UV dye in the coolant. . Ask your local garage and they will do it for you

Reply Hey Now
could be cooler or hoses … where they usually wear them to connect and lead to leaks. if the car is overheating could it be water pump, in which case there is a weep hole that leaks when it is worn out and you can see a steady drop under the car sometimes. Cracked reserve but not usually. check your hoses first. and if it is try a small leak sealing.

Reply nosdda
Antifreze is a “searching” liquid. if it can find a weak point in the water system, it will leak when you do not have a leak before. I think it may be leaking at the radiator drain plug. These plugs have a rubber washer behind them and it is likely, considering the cars age, that this disc was killed Ned and installed a new one.

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