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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 13th April 2013

What a reasonable cost for a pilot light is to fix on a water heater?
I have. One Bradford White gas water heater with an WV8860 Honeywell Controller No longer under warranty, but fairly new and I like the heat. The pilot light is not lit. Not a gas problem, says the Gas Co. The plumber insists that replacement of the heating is the most cost-effective way to go. I think not. Who knows what it would cost to replace / repair controller Best Answer (s):

response from William B
$ 75. A thermocouple is around $ 18. or an electronic game, you can do it

response from Tom
It’s probably not the control, it is very likely the thermal coupler, they are relatively easy to replace and usually cost less than $ 20, you remove a the old and take it to your local big box store and get a new one, make sure that the small copper pipe bend when you reinstall the coupler, you could to replace the elastic line Think the supply line to the control valve, but this could be a waste of money if your water heater is about six years old, it depends on how hard your water is, and if you scale it every year if you HV your / To change AC filters. Some brands guarantee a longer life, but that does not apply to hard water deposits. A new 40 gal water heater weigh approx. 75 lbs., A 6-year-old water heater with hard water deposits can weigh over 200 lbs. and it takes more gas to heat the water. My advice is, if it is over six years old to replace …

response from Greg D
It looks like the Honeywell WV8860 is an intermittent pilot Zündung.Es must be determined. A competent HVAC tech or plumber with the right tools can fix. It could just be a dirty flame sensor, grinding, or a loose ground braucht.Der controller is a decent amount. Why would the controller need to be replaced? I think it’s just the flame sensor / ignitor or a ground issue.

response from Henry H
you can replace the part of your self is no big deal to go to the parts house and tell them what’s going on and take the model number and make year if you find it good luck

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