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have most important tools in a toolbox?
hey when you start looking for my own tool collection and wondering what to start with the best tools for most home repairs and minor vehicle repairs, thank Best Answer (s):

response from nam_miles
for $ 99.00 at Costco, you can use a tool set that is pretty much completely to get out a hammer. Screwdriver, metric and U.S. standard wrenches, sockets and drivers, Allen wrenches, other stuff. Pretty much everything you need.

response of Mountain!
drill with screw and socket attachments. Screwdrivers in various sizes. adjustable wrench, pliers, vise (various sizes), hammer and a socket set.

response from Linna S
claw hammer, pliers, 2 different types of screwdrivers, 2 different types of scewdrivers that are short, electrical tape, wire cutters, tape, and a selection of screws and nails. These are the things I use constantly around the house.

response from jay82
tongs (few different styles) Schraubenschlüssel3 / 8 “socket set (mm and inches) 3/8” ratchet & extension some channel lock ZangeRohrzangeSchraubendrehersatzAbisolierzangeDrahtschneiderHämmerSchläge and MeißelBandmaßMesserSchraubenschlüssel Sets (mm & inch) StemmeisenInbusschlüssel Sets (mm & inch) BügelsägeDas is a good start. This does not apply to power tools. A drill and circular saw is good to have. It really depends on the type of work you do. You can add more tools as you need them. Craftsman is a good brand for home use because of the lifetime warranty

quick response from Max
Minimum: -. Knife Hammer Multi-Tip Screwdriver Adjustable Wrench Pliers- measuring tape goes from there, depending on what would add you tust.Ich: – Hand Saw Chisel Set Chisel file / rasp combo-square-drill and drill bit box / open end ratcheting wrench socket set allen wrench set Everything you what probably, you’ll find here: = http://www.popularmechanics.com/home_journal/tools/4314786.html0

response from zenosxr
The above lists are fairly complete for what you need for just your average car maintenance and repairs around the house. I wanted to add that, while they can be expensive, you can get 99% of the time, what you pay in the tools. If you skimp and get Craptacular Chinese sockets and how they are usually like glass shatter the first time you really need. This applies to all tools for hammering and perhaps to save like, stay away from the cheap .. This will save you a lot of headaches and busted knuckles later.

response from Jim D tool
The individuals listed are a good place to start. To sears and buy Craftsman tools. Cheap, lifetime warranty. Can not go wrong.

response from dingo devil
Hmmm … Much depends on how much you want to spend and how portable the toolbox be soll.Meine general recommendations for the home: general: saw, half-round file, round file, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, adjustable wrench (1 large, 1 small), adjustable pliers, vise, wire cutters, pliers, needle nose pliers, Stanley knife, steel ruler 1 ft., 15 ft. tape measure, polarity detector … and if you can afford it, with different size drill bits (rotary and impact), multimeter … And supplies such as sand paper (different kinds), screws in all sizes, duct tape, teflon tape, super glue, epoxy resin, sealing, contact glue, nails, fat, cord, wire (thick and thin), these plastic bags you put in a hole in the wall to a screw (can not remember her name) … to fix wood saw, rasp, chisel, claw hammer, crowbar, awl, hand drills, electric jig saw (if you can afford it) … set: If you have wooden structures in your house habenFür basic car maintenance, I’m no expert in this field, but from my experience: full set of chrome vanadium spanner (AF and metric), Allen wrench, spark plug wrench (set when you spark in your car), half-round file, round file, needle files, booster cables, needle-nose piers, pliers, adjustable wrench, feeler gauges, tire pressure gauge … set and if you can afford it, multimeter, set the socket wrench … And supplies such as sand paper, Loctite, teflon tape, electrical tape, steel wheels, various sizes bolts and nuts, different size washers and rubber gaskets, sealing, super glue, WD-40 lubricating oil, grease … Note that there are several elements needed for both home and auto Tools.Ich am a mechanical engineer and worked in the oilfield for 15 years, and I my own personal tool kit for many years. The single most useful tool I have ever seen came was the Snap-On leveraged pliers I (was stolen a few years ago), bought a long time ago, I tried to look up on the internet but could not find (it does not help that the Snap-On website below is for 3 days right now), his code was something like HL-139-CP (the current 46ACP is a kind of similar, but not nearly as good, I had a double-leveraged joint ): The tool had a tremendous leverage advantage and had a very slim profile (no loose rivets) and the exceptionally high quality steel made was, mind you, at the time it costs around $ 140, but it was worth it, no doubt … It replaces the complete range of standard keys, since the leverage enabled you such pressure on the screw / nut exercise that it does not slip, no matter what … Good brands of hand tools: Snap-On (very expensive), Facom and Proto (expensive), Stanley (quite cheap, but quite satisfactory for home use) …

response from Adam D
channel SchleusenSchraubstockHammerSchraubendreherInbusschlüssel1 / 4 drive standard and metric socket wrenches TAX3 / 8 drive standard and metric socket set metric combo wrenches standard combo SchlüsselBügelsäge

response from Jason
claw hammer, rubber mallet, one long and one short each, Phillips head screwdriver, putty knife, channel lock pliers, linesman pliers, and ratchet and socket set, metric or standard whichever fits in the Wagen.Das should run about $ 300 dollars, cheap tools just break and break what is working.

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