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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 24th March 2013
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Can someone explain to me what is temporary?
currently working as a kitchen hand .. the boss just wants me to pay in cash .. No settlement, no pay sllip, no record. The thing that I should not, no “job” on my resume as temporary? I’m only 8 hours a week. Should I or should I not. in fear that she would ring the tax office. (Boss refuse to put me in the book to save him $ ), so I have no record watsoever work there .. What do you guys think, alot any tips, suggestions thanx Best Answer (s).:

Answer by Rob B
Labor Contract means that you are an independent contractor. They maintain a high degree of control, such as your work for a client who. Than their own small business This is the same as if you started your own business, such as a plumber. They would all your own tools, you buy your own insurance, and figure out your own taxes. You would also get to set your own work hours, be able to refuse to work, and upload your own boss Preise.Manchmal can try to classify incorrectly its employees as entrepreneurs, because it saves the time and cost out tax deduction, and the cost of certain taxes and insurance, which are paid by employers. Incorrectly classifying employees as contractors is a form of tax and subject to some pretty stiff depending Bußgelder.Die determining employee vs. contractor usually on your level of independence as you perform your work. Laws can state, but in general are different: – Are you told what hours and days that you have to work – you have to work in a particular place – Is your work monitored closely – if the boss tell you exactly? how to do your job – Are you paid by the hour – and can you finish the job, if you can answer “yes” to most of them, are you an employee?. I would talk to the owner or HR and tell them what’s going on. Your state labor Commissioner may very interested in what has happened.

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