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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 16th March 2013
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Where can I learn more about home repairs?
I want to learn how to build and repair drywall, installing floors, electrical items, plumbing, etc, there are schools that teach people to them or just on their own? I have a house, so I like the majority of the work would be to do it yourself Best Answer (s):.

reply by diane

response from Mike S You can also try to poke your public library, there is usually a fairly large section on each I & many of the books had been more helpful than the information that I found on the net.

response from Keith
PBS has a lot of shows (New Yankee Workshop, This Old House, Woodsmith Store, etc.) that give you a lot of good tips on how to do things build. I was lucky, an uncle who was a general contractor, and I learned a lot from him as a start.

response from Foodieken
Saul Hi, I’m Ken with The Home Depot. You try starting right, good and useful information about how to create and maintain you to find your home. As already mentioned there are quite a few websites that you are getting information about home repair. A great site is “community.homedepot.com.” Not only can you have specific questions, you can get answers from Home Depot and other experts “do it yourselfer”. There are also videos on “how to” repair home. The Home Depot Store has his own book on the basics and special Themen.Andere methods are searching for in your local community college or university for classes on specific topic, such as cabinets, woodworking, electronics, etc. As already mentioned, the library has a ton of books on repair and maintenance. Hope this helps.

response from SolidAxle
My dad told me when I asked a question: “If you are in your crib and attention.” Not trying to be nice, but his advice was correct. If you run the chance to see a craftsman have their skills, watch them and learn.

reply by Skip Borders
might want to look at a couple of contractors or handyman services in your Nähe.Einer the services that I have found over time available permits to work with homeowners and help them learn some important steps, processes and requirements Werkzeuge.Es has worked pretty well. The homeowner learns some skill sets as they work on projects in and around their own home. You have access to a pretty wide range of tools that they usually can not have, and the job is properly gemacht.Nicht any offers and often our schedule is booked and we are not in a position to every need, but it a call or zwei.G, Borders

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