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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 12th March 2013

Who thinks Joe The Plumber will be rich after all this media attention?
I see him in the view, Letterman and Conan. He will endorse plumbing products and get his own sitcom now Best Answer (s):.

response from semper_paratus_1776

response from laville_cheerleader
ha ha probly

response from Edward
I think Joe the Plumber is lodged in jail. It is unlicensed and owes back taxes. As the media creeps into each of its openings, they will probably find out he is crooked and charges people for unnecessary repairs.

response from top Obama adviser
hes releated Charles Keating. (Keating 5) he also used to live in Arizona. Not

response from Quirk
so rich, afraid ich.Es seems he may be a Republican plant. – He is not really a plumber -. But he is a close relative of Charles Keating’s son-in-law. Who is Charles Keating? Why he’s a great friend of John McCain. He got John in hot water a while back. Look up “the Keating 5 scandal.” So … looks like this “plumber” has been “flushed” out as a phoney.

Answer given by Mr Kranky
I see it sold the rights to his story and watch it end up getting some lame Matthew McConaghey – Kate Hudson romantic comedy!

response from Joe the Plumber
I was actually thinking of an early retirement.

response from connor
The majority of the American people (meaning NOT the neo-conservatives who actually completely in the minority) not so easily fooled. It can some money in some way-weird-cable show (show some whose audience his “visuals” to find tasty) or make course talk radio – but that’s it (and it will not be much at all, certainly) The. The following is the very, very best comment I have about “Joe the Plumber” Read: Who Joe the Plumber does indeed, the Republican preference for the creation of patronizing stereotypes for people that claim to serve them, shows their arrogance towards this very human. “Joe Sixpack”, “soccer-mom”, “Joe the Plumber” … How sad that they do not see their fellow men as three-dimensional, unique individuals. – Arye Michael Bender –

response from jewel_leeee
Yes he will be rich because all the attention. He is brilliant! I wish I had thought of it first. He will have achieved the American dream and not worry about those higher taxes because he is hatte.Joe the plumber never had so much money go down in history! (G) you will find Joe the Plumber for all your cleaning and cereal boxes. Move over Mr. Clean and Tony the Tiger!

answer by Bubba S think
, he needs to look for a new job and his boss should hire licensed plumbers.

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