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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 8th March 2013

What is a good foundation to build a house.?
I add an apartment to my house and I need to know what is a good sitting there fondation and as close to the septic tank, I can build on that. Another question, which comes first, the foundation or plumbing Best Answer (s):

response from paul I prefer
block foundations are slightly warmer and some rough plumbing repair comes first is usually the excavator a limited sanitary license for those who, with this type of ? si would recommend a general contractor, the plumbing is a very simple?, it becomes much more complicated as you go, as a carpenter I prioritize my education as it is always more work for me, as for homeowners they are confused and disorganized and not know who to call next, when you get to do it yourself all your bids then ask a general for a bid, chances are you missed something, so pad your bid% at least 15. lucxk good

response from SteveK
I take in the first place, you build the house on a foundation slab.The. Check your local building codes. Most require a 4-foot base, if it is by a plate or crawl. When it comes to storage, then 8-foot foundation is usually required. As for the proximity to the septic tank, it is necessary also to consult the local building codes. Do not forget you. Access to the tank for maintenance, such as cleaning need You definitely do not want to cover over the drain field.

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