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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 7th March 2013
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Is it better to work in a union, or open your own business?
In hoping to get some advice from some Plumbers get, I know of a trade union you upwards of $ 40 per hour (at least where I am) can make, but I also know that if you are opening your Plumbing own business you have to stop making potential half a million to a million $ numbers depending on how good it is. What is the better way to go Best Answer (s):

response from Rob
to go to the union. work as much O / T k̦nnen.leben u like starving students. rent small cheap safely. Cars drive cash (no credit). Save up 2-3 years of operation (personal) Aufwendungen.An this point u u k̦nnenIhre hands reads every book on to buisness, tax, accounting, bookkeeping and marketing (sales). Now can bezahltu with cash for trucks start your own business with the self to lose your families Shirts.dass 1/2 Рmillion $ $ business ben̦tigen60 -80 hours week, no weekends, and some Urlaub.OH 5-10 years decidation.gute knowledge is happiness

answer -.
The union will give you steady work and income. The business is risky. I would get the union job and save up money, then start my own business, when you save years of experience and money.

response from Orrcon have
I suggest yo first try to connect to your business because it is so much problems in opening your own enterprise. First, have a lot of experience, what have your business, then you open your own business.

response from Amy
your own business is the best way to go. If you need help I can help ya! Feel free to me!

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