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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 3rd March 2013
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As you can see off the water valve in a bathtub?
We had a semi-major plumbing problem that we had that turned off our water to. Our house for over 24 hours Now, when we turned on the water again, we had a lot of sand coming through the taps. Our son and the bathrooms are no longer run the bath. It is not a drop her a constant flow. And in other parts of the house, the water pressure is low? Our plumbing problem was in front of our house. A pipe broke under our driveway. Please help Best Answer (s):

response from tedwilsoninc
depending on the age of your home, you can take a direct valve, directly behind the tub / shower have (in the wall). They have a cover behind the faucet? If so, you may be able to have it off. If not, you must install a for future reference, but in the meantime, you may have to shut down the water for the entore Haus.auch replacing the valves themselves again depending on their Alter.Wenn you still printing problems You can not solve the problem completely under the driveway. it can only be air in the system. it may take a few minutes to make it bleed, all the faucets turn (slightly) on and that wil help to escape the air much faster

response from mr .. Reporter
sounds like a lot of sediment in your galvanized pipes. You need to remove all aerators and shower heads and the water running. Your Bad valve is blocked, too. Time for a plumber.

response from propreno
I agree with mr. Reporter.Sie do not need your faucets ersetzen.Einfach to remove and clean the aerator in the faucet by unscrewing them from the ends of the sleeves, rinsing and screwing them back these margins tub on the other side, the sediment must have been damaged . Did you kick too hard on the handles to try to seal it and if so, you will probably find the discs on the valve stems and / or the seats that they do not have to seal ruiniert.Falls with such repairs I would call a plumber.

response of Honsell T
Some debris in the valve will not allow is to close prisoner. From water to drive home, then disassemble tub and shower valve have someone turn on the water in short bursts to flush dirt sand / stones from the line, place a washcloth over the open valve when you turn it on, that is contained. They need new Innenteile.Wenn the water is low, dirt inside the PRV be (pressure regulator). Or the problem could be as simple as cleaning your aerator, the screens repaired on your faucet spouts schrauben.Wer the water supply in your driveway? If a plumber, he was new for fixing it-your problem directly related to the first problem.

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