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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 14th February 2013
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How do I cut the length of a solid wood exterior door? Should I just cut it all over the floor?
I’m just the trim some of the ground to allow space for new tiles Best Answer (s):.

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response from Charlie Bucket
Yes, use a circular saw or a table saw.

response from ptrobrn
I might suggest to use some duct tape along your cut line to prevent splinters from chipping the face of the door.

Answer by Glenn B
No. You need to keep up the hinges on the door and where the lockset met the strikers place (Opposite of hinge side). It may happen that you take a little off the top and the bottom. Happiness.

response from stephenl1950 you can
typically cut just above the ground. Before you cut off too much, because you can not put it back. It is better to cut twice as much to cut out. Also make sure if there is an angle to help him seal the threshold cut it in this same angle. Use to help clean cut circular saw blade, to keep them from splitting. If you cut around and a little more needs to come off, you may need to use a belt sander to get it done. If you should accidentally cut too much then you can buy a higher threshold. Be careful and good luck.

reply by lorenzo
First off, to the length of the door, which is actually the width you want to cut from the top down, or you will really want to make the floor cut off because it is too long? Let us ensure that we tlaking on the same terms before beginnen.Wenn cutting the door is too long, and it is an internal door, chances are good that even a hollow core door is a panel about 12 “high, along the runs the bottom has. If you want to cut it to measure carefully at both edges and insert a piece of 2X4 on your line, and then attach the two ends of the wood on the door with C clamps. slowly cut with a circular saw on your line. You may need to take a wood rasp or file and then clean the edges. Well, if you want to cut the length of page, because the door is too wide, you have two options, but neither is easy. You can another 2X4 along each edge of the door set, disconnect it and follow the line, but go to have to cut in another castle set, if you use the front edge of the door, or invigorate the hinge locations if you cut off the back of the door. The only thing in common will be that there is a 2X4 along each edge instead of a 2X12 as on the ground. If you do not pick up too much, let’s say less than a 1/2 “I always keep a hand held planners and only among themselves that way.

response from MailorderMaven
If there is an existing door, and you need extra space for flooring you do cut a strip from the bottom of the door. Then take the knob and hinges nor as they need to. You can either rent saw (can heavy and awkward) or a power planer, depending on how much wood you need to remove. The plane will take off about 1/8 to 3/16 inch at a time, and you can make multiple passes. Whichever you use, slow down, when you get to the far end, or stop just before the end and finish the cut by. In the opposite direction to prevent splinters, when you finish the cut If you use the saw, either draw a pencil line with a ruler or a strip of duct tape to keep you in a straight line to führen.Wenn it’s a new door and it does not have a knob or hinges, you can cut off a strip the bottom or top or beides.Lorenzo proposal is a 2×4 on the door jam as a guide is excellent.

response from budding author
It would be nice to know why you want to do this, it is because you have carpet in the hallway? If you simply change the hinges to rising hinges (sounds a bit rude, is not it?} As an exterior door and do not forget the weather strip on the bottom of the door. Now I’m no expert, but I can hadle a circular saw I was able to do this simple job. There is no way that I try to change my current door for another would. If it is what you do, I suggest you do not even try to get a carpenter in.

response from thewrangler_sw
many helpful replies so far …. hehehehOk a problem here with trimming your door – Entry doors have a threshold, if you cut the door itself. you’ll end up with a gap between the door and threshold hehehehe.Wäre this an inner door, then yes, you could easily cut right through the floor, and a circular saw would be the easiest tool to do that with, but work a variety of saws würde.Wenn this is a typical pre-hung door assembly, you can remove all the trim, locate the screws to remove them on the wall, and this. This may include the center screws in the hinges, the screws with a have caulked door closers available, and on the outside, thru the mounting screws into the wall studs would. When it was installed in place, so expect some resistance, but if it do not move … absolutely look for more screws , hehehe.Um shim the door assembly up, I would start with a piece of tile to backerboard or plywood to get a uniform support across the threshold. If you’re plywood I would suggest sealing or paint it first, to protect Feuchtigkeitsschäden.Die door would be hung up again, as if it were a new installation were exploring with the help of a spirit level and square it up with washers in the appropriate places (corners, hinges, behind lock plate, etc). You “a dry fit “first check to see that the door is square and plumb in the opening, and swing on / properly. then caulk behind the outer shell with a good silicone caulk and secure the door in the desired position. Cut it out , and you’re fertig.Again .. because this is an entry / exterior door, you can not just cut out the bottom of the door, hehehe, you have the weather seal between the door and the threshold of patience and you’ve halten.Wenn as the things themselves, can do most people, this kind of DIY project. I could rehang an entrance door in about an hour, from me, from beginning to end. call in a carpenter if you do not want to mess with it yourself.Jetzt … if this is an old door that is not a “pre-hung” meeting, chances are, your level goes BETWEEN the door post, and not one of them (like a curtain). If this is the case , then yes, you can cut out the door himself, and raise the threshold. threshholds have this old style usually use a couple of screws / nails thru face, sometimes under a gasket seal / weather. Remove them, and again a piece of cement board or plywood to increase the threshold recaulk, and resecure es.Viel fun

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