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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 12th February 2013

How do you replace ceramic tile in a shower?
What steps must be taken to do so? This project is small enough to do it through a home improvement to be done? or it needs professional help Best Answer (s):

response from bonehead
you can do it yourself. Just remove the old tiles with a tile removing tool from the Home Depot. apply the tile adhesive and tile grout and you are done. Do not attempt to rotate the image to a water in the shower, while endless work there.

response of typo
The walls you can do yourself. But the shower pan (the floor and bottom few inches) is best done by a professional. Take a pan done correctly you will be many, many years. One that is not done properly can leak or cause pooling of water in the pan and take in the Testaments. You can then at the end a few months later, instead of the pan, which is tiled walls, the floor around the shower, etc. This is one of those places where a few hundred spending a good professional, (who is the guarantee of his work and insurance!) can easily save you thousands of dollars in repairs später.So make sure that you do the job right, you do not skimp on materials. I’ve actually seen replace a job where a man decided the board behind the wall tiles. He used cheap, sub-standard material on the walls and put them in the tile. The job looking great few months. Eight months later, the tile fell, because the base material was auseinander.Denken mind while the tile is waterproof, the mortar is NOT! This means that to get the water under / behind the tile! so that your base material must be waterproof too! There are many good books on tiles. Read more of them by different authors. You’ll be surprised what you will learn!

Answer by rob s
what steps need to be taken depends on the type of pan system that you have now. If you have a factory pan now, you can on the walls of the tunnel, add a vapor barrier, cement board (1/2 “) and tile over it with a fine line and tiles. This gives you an option to add slot niches for soaps or even a shower seat, if your brave and the shower is large enough to fit a. If you have a cement-based, customized flooring, you can all of which is a labor-intensive job, but can be a DIY it do. This is a special drainage system, this type of shower accomadate. During the special custom shower floor I have pointed out that the drain to be replaced it is usually necessary (9 outta 10 times) so be prepared to call a plumber for this call are found . If your a very handy DIY, then you can use the shower liner. done But if your rent just an average DIY. As one poster suggested, this isn t the time to experiment with your skills. questions you can e-mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL

answer by Will
This link will remove your details How to do and replace Fliesen.http :/ / factoidz.com / how-to-replace-craked-or-broken-floor-tile /

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