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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 10th February 2013
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Is there a way, my very cheap (the same as my bathroom) countertop? fix
We rent an apartment and our lease is almost up! A few months ago my brilliant husband put a hot pan on the counter to a circular spot which bubbled burned. We are concerned, we have to pay for the entire worktop on our way and I thought, maybe there is a way to resolve this issue? Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it Best Answer (s):

Answer by Ken B
I’m glad to hear that you are a brilliant man, it seems that even the intelligent are not always so smart …. but to try to helfen.Sie can not fix what is done. At this point, here are a few options that you have a. the existing laminate relaminate and a rather complicated process, but not impossible tor remove a reasonable DIY’er. Second to purchase and install new countertops, they can be had pretty inexpensivley at your local big box store. Not too bad a job, but requires some plumbing as a sink and have come to be reinstalled. Option 3 Determine pay the cost for someone else and be open if your landlord indicates the problem, you can then offer them have fixed or allow him einzubehalten.Hoffe this amount from your deposit that these options helfen.Best of Luck!

response from dartiator63
Alternatively view a small selection of ceramic tile installation directly on burned spots. This also prevents that not to happen again, as you now have a built-in you Untersetzer.Fragen your landlord if this is an acceptable solution wäreLuck

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