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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 2nd February 2013

We have to buy a new water heater. There are those that we learn specifically contemplated?
We currently have a gas burner, and we ask if tankless is a good alternative to the Vorratstank.Auch brands are the best Best Answer (s):

response from JerryJ
Takagi and Noritz are the two that you should consider. Tankless water heaters are great: a. They last a long time – over 20 years. (My Takagi was trouble-free for eight years.) 2 Reducing the cost of hot water. 3rd (according to my calculations about 2/3, maybe more, because you do not have to run over to take care of so that you can actually use more water.) You can set the temperature precisely with the remote control. (This is optional on some models, be sure to get there though.) Once you’ve had one, you’ll never go back to this old-fashioned kind wieder.http :/ / www.noritz.com / moment is the Takagi page seems some vulnerabilities have problems, so I can not link. Please try again in a few weeks.

response from tennesseeglen
A tankless gas heater is an excellent replacement. You will never run out of hot water, the calculations are to be about the same. However, this is not a DIY project if you are experienced with plumbing, because nothing is the same and the tankless is not a simple direct replacement and has to be programmed for your application. Rinnai are very good units.

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