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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 11th January 2013

Is it possible to convert one sink plumbing to 2?
I want a sink in my bathroom vanity and a double sink system to convert if possible. Is this something that can be done with the plumbing Best Answer (s):

reply by michael b
Sure. Get a counter top with cutouts for two sinks, that way you can keep all the water lines and drain lines outside the wall, and inside the Gehäuses.Wahrscheinlich neither of the 2 basins line up is exactly where the previous was so you have to adjust the water and sewer bisschen.Sie one must connect both sink drains to the existing Abwasserleitung.Sie need another run hot and cold over the second sink.

response from Obsean
Yes, there should be a piece of cake. The 2-sinks into the drain shall be made before it in the wall (or floor) geht.Jede sink a trap before incorporation into the main channel müssen.Die water pipes tee’d must add the second well, or you can dual-outlet valves to get to replace the existing.

response from Rob O
I agree with the above two answers, except that I do not disagree with two traps. If you tie the drains of the two pools, then they can be a single event and ausgehen.Überprüfen you in the kitchen layout for when you have a two-bowl sink.

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