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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 6th January 2013

How to install gas fireplace in the old chimney?
I always thought my mother a gas fireplace set in your living room .. She has never used the chimney, and I think they would like a fire. I was wanting to know how hard and expensive they are. THANK Best Answer (s):

response from Smedlap
Amanda, you can Kamineinsatz.Sie require professional installation and connection. Several conditions must you anwendbar.Holen deals on the bottom line cost of 3 companies. If you prefer to be offered more money than others, a dealer plays against another. Price may flexibel.Je in some cases by a total BTU of this unit to $ 1200 ~ 2200 can be expected to direct vent fireplace inserts (the exhaust air passes through the outside wall) or by a chimney liner.

response of 80 of the child to be
what you want, is a gas fireplace “Paste.” You can not do this on your own, have a gas appliance or gas company service guy, this installieren.Ich to assume you have gas in your home. The service guy is a gas line to the fireplace and hook everything get to you laufen.Lostelefonieren fireplace stores or gas appliance to people some quotes. The big box stores sell these inserts, buy you do not have to install -. Maybe they install, I do not know

response from Joffre
1) you must explore the gas used. This takes special pipe, not an ordinary Wasserleitung.2) you need to install a liner in the chimney, if it does not already have a. She said the old. If it’s just bricks that no gas feed is then a stainless steel liner. I have a. In. It’s a bear, but it was for a wood stove, and I think the gas do not need those as large .3) should install the application is the easy part, or

response from ceiling fan experts
I suspect that what you want is really a gas log, not a gas insert. Sometimes people use these terms interchangeably, but they are completely different products. A gas-log is simply a burner with a grate that is about where the counterfeit protocols are stacked. This is a simple DIY installation, which is far less involved and less expensive than a gas insert. A good gas-log is anywhere from $ 250 (for a set that you light with a match) to $ 800 (for one with a remote control to adjust the flame) kosten.Gas protocols versions in open and ventless . Vented gas logs are to open the door and look very much like a real wood burning fire. They are less expensive and get the best, but they have less heat in the room and more heat up the chimney. Ventless gas logs (also known as Vent-Free) have been burned with the damper closed. They are far less realistic in appearance, but they provide a lot of heat, because all the heat comes in the room and no one goes up the chimney. Vented gas logs are the most popular because they are less expensive, less problematic and less precautions than vent-free gas logs. Vented gas logs can be easily installed by a homeowner, ventless gas logs should only be installed by a professional. Read more about the difference between vented and ventless gas logs on the link unten.Ein gas use is a complete metal firebox, which has an internal burner system and comes with its own proprietary protocols. Install an insert is like putting. Fireplace inside of the chimney, so that the actual dimensions of the inside of the insert are much smaller than your fireplace This type of installation usually requires a separate vent pipe that will run inside the entire chimney must be installed with a special end cap at the top. This is not a DIY job and will cost anywhere from $ 2000 to $ 3500 including Installation.Wenn no gas line is already passed the fireplace this must be done by a plumber regardless of whether you choose a gas log or to a gas . Insert The running costs of the pipeline will vary greatly depending on how far the fireplace is from the gas line and the difficulty of access to the chimney. Be sure to get multiple bids on this job and look for installers who are running a gas line to a fireplace. If you buy a gas log, the plumber should be able to install the gas logs as well … probably at a reasonable price, since they are already active there, the gas line … so make sure you have gas logs in hand. Some plumbers may be able to install a gas insert, but that’s less wahrscheinlich.Siehe references below info on where to buy gas logs and how to find a plumber.

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