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Posted in Plumbing Tips on 5th January 2013

Who should I contact about mold removal in my home?
I own a residence in Lexington, KY, and only recently found black mold in my basement. Other than a general home repair means to assess the situation and my insurance rep, who should I contact? Is there mold removal specialists or general home repair craftsmen enough If anyone has any recommendations for companies in Lexington specifically I greatly appreciate Best Answer (s):.

response of 707 There are
demolding specialists. I Werkstattwagen like that but I can not remember what it is called. I’m sure your insurance people know who to contact.

response from breathing in the wind
Mold removal is only part of the problem. Yes, you want it removed, but as you noticed you also want the insurance co to compensate you for damage and need repair damage. Finally, the mold has grown in its current location due to favorable conditions. Usually, this means too much water. In addition to correcting the existing damage that you need to shape conditions to lösen.Eine specialist wash moldy surfaces, but may or may not be able to deal with the underlying conditions. One might even be able to get a cleaning company to come off in a clean form. If your property is not properly or uniformly gutters or roof materials are missing or they may not work properly equipped to deal with the situation are. I would rather expect a quick fix from them. If you have a good company they can recommend to instruct the necessary specialists. In this case, as they would arbeiten.Ein GC GC, the experience to correct conditions, but for all that he will not tear it tell you gereinigt.Auch depending on the reasons for the form might be a craftsman or general repair person be sufficient to Aufgabe.Andere possibilities could be a plumber, where the plumbing problem. A foundation waterproofing company where water comes through the foundation. A roofer, where the water from a bad roof or gutters ect is comming. A mason for repairs to brick, stone, block or foundation walls. A landscaper where property grades go into the house. Maybe even a window company if water coming through the windows. Insulation or ventilation specialist, where the air quality indoors (moisture buildup) is a problem that can not be solved elsewhere. Depending on their skill eithor a repair person or GC could all these specialties into their own hands or the farm Arbeiten.Wenden you recognize the rep, however, that the damage is not covered, since this type of damage can werden.Wenn specifically excluded from the policy ask a real building supply house (not Yellow Pages under lumber at home depot or loews) you may be there for a recommendation or with your building department of the local municipality. There are also some companies that the Internet and companies that specialize in finding other contractors (service magic for example.) Form

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, that black is normal in a basement. What do you do first before you have to spend tons of money is to buy a $ 30 test kit and see what type of mold. Bleach clean up 99.9% of the mold is very efficient, and cost about $ 2

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can be found here:. Http://www.bizzibid. comAlso, you make sure that you or someone seals the basement to protect against any more moisture problems.

response from Elias
def a mold specialist. You need to remove any and all mold behind the walls if necessary. Are you a doctor? In trying to find a doctor to treat the people who have been exposed to toxic mold. If your interested please contact me via my profile. THanks

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